Steve Rayner

RCS Card Application Review & Wireframe


RCS is a consumer finance business that offers a range of card, loan and insurance products direct to customers and through collaboration with a network of retail partners.

The brief

For the team at Liquid Thought to conduct analysis and testing of the RCS website, in particular the RCS Card application process, so as to identify and articulate problems in the user experience.

Research and reviews

Two experts scored the desktop and mobile sites as part of a heuristic review based on Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design. The results were documented as a series of annotated screen shots. Competitor analysis provided insights into best practice, and an examination of Google Analytics metrics confirmed issues found in the heuristic review.

Personas and user testing

Using demographic data five personas were created to inform the recruitment of testers. Ten testers were recorded as they completed scripted tasks on the website. Their opinions were divided into two categories - thoughts on the website generally and their experience of the card application process.

Key findings

Issues were graded by level of importance (low, medium, high) where, for example, high could cause users to abandon tasks on the website.


Eleven recommendations were incorporated into the final wireframe of the revised card application process.

Wireframe source: Liquid Thought