Steve Rayner

Prudential Website


A redesign was needed in order to build a unified site that incorporated an easy-to-use interface with an enhanced user experience.

The big idea

Blending Prudential's core brand theme of consistency with ease of use.


Following a content audit, unnecessary information was discarded so as to arrive at a simple site architecture. To enhance the user experience 'progressive disclosure' enables the visitor to quickly access relevant content and only delve deeper if required. A system of 'cards' presents content as a number of quick, easily digestible stories that are aggregated into pages. This innovative thinking contrasts sharply with competitors whose websites are overloaded with content that has not been strategically placed and will, more than likely, not be relevant. The result has been a a doubling of all Analytics metrics. Three microsites to support Prudential's Robert Scott ad campaign, consistency theme and the Prudential Balanced Fund have also since launched.