Steve Rayner

ooba Portal user journeys


ooba is a leading home loan originator that assists buyers in the process of applying for mortgages in order to get them the best deals. The portal is envisaged as a secure online transactional environment and interaction point for clients, partners (such as estate agents) and ooba consultants. An earlier customer experience exercise preceded work on the portal.

Product application journeys

On the company's website first-time clients can express interest in, and apply for, ooba's products; loan pre-qualification, home finance application. The client's request is routed into the portal whereby an ooba consultant is notified of the request.

The consultant determines the client's need and gives the client access to the portal where they can perform functions such as online credit checks and document uploads. Both parties can view the real-time status of an application.

Returning clients can use the portal to 'graduate up' from one product to another. For example, a successful loan pre-qualification can be turned into a fully fledged home finance application where all existing data is used to pre-populate much of the new application.

Partner journeys

New partners can be onboarded via the portal where they have the ability to refer client leads to ooba consultants and view the application statuses of all their ooba clients.